Project Description

Jade Luxury

  • Soft lamp body and uniform illumination,like a warm jade.
  • Wireless Bluetooth speaker,enjoy the leisure time with light and music.
  • Patented special light source performs three linging modes.

Products Parameter

Materials Rated Power Power range Color Temperature Lumens Beam Angle(˚) USB port USB input Battery type Battery Capacity Charging Time Endurance Working Temp Working humidity IP Rated Weight(g)
Plastic+Hemp+bamboo 3.2W 0.35-3.5W 2200k 100lm/260lm 360˚ Type-C 5V 1A Lithium-lon(18650*2) 3.7V 5200mAh/3600mAh >7H 5200mAh 7-40H/ 3600mAh 4.5-28H -20°C ~ 60°C ≦95% IPX4 380g(included battery)