A21 remote controlled RGB speaker bulb TWS (2 sync)

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Model: A21-BTSP-RGBW-12W

The bulb can connected with the Bluetooth devise and play the music in the bulb, and the bulb can paired in two lamps automatically, . Use the remote to control the lamps to the status you like: White Lighting on/off , white light dimmable 100% 70% 30% 10%, RGB color light cycling; color light solid.

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1.This lamp perfectly integrates lighting and music. It can be used as ordinary LED lighting or a RGB, and can also control and play music wirelessly, and the RGB can beat with Music

2.It is a smart LED bulb, use Bluetooth to connect with the bulbs and mobile phone or the other device.Also with a RF 433 remote to control the lamp: Music on/off; White lighting; white lighting dimmable;RGB beating with the Music; RGB color selection.

3.You can play one bulb only as Mono  music, also can play two bulbs as TWS , when playing music, two bulbs one is left channel and the other is right channel , so the music is stereo music.One remote can control two lamps.

Use this lamps for relaxing party surroundings.


Wattage : 9W lighting+ 3W speaker

Lumens 6:00lm





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