Solar rechargeable LED camping light/Galaxy Solar Work / Garden Light

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The design inspiration of Galaxy Solar Light comes from romantic stars, which can bring you rich imagination space. In the dark night, the Galaxy Solar Light emits dazzling light that looks like stars. It is very suitable for outdoor activities to enjoy romantic and leisure time.

The Galaxy Solar Work / Garden Light is a multi- functional, high lumen utility work light / outdoor lights.

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1.Adjustable tripod up to 1.8m with strong stability;

2.Completed lamp lumen can be reach 3000lm,keep 3 minutes, then stay on 1500lm;

3.Detached light can be use  independent ;

4.Two ways charging, Type-C or Solar panel;

5.Waterproof: IP44 ;


Whole light with tripod

Main materials: ABS+PC+ Nylon + Silicone + Metal (tripod)

Rated power : 26W

Lumen : 380lm-3000LM

Color temperature: 6500K

Input: Type-C

Input: 5V/3A

Battery: 3.7V 5200mAh & 3600mAh lithium batteries

Charging time: 7 hours(by power charger); 32H(by solar panel)

Run Time: 3H~11.5H hours

Working temp: 0~45

Working humidity: 95%

Weight(With unique tripod): 5.27kg

Weight(With classical tripod): 2.97kg 

Main light

Rated power : 13W

Lumen : 190lm-1600lm

3 lighting modes:Low 190lm, Middle 350lm, High 1600lm / 750lm

Input: 5V/2A

Run time:3~11.5hrs

Battery: 3.7V 5200mAh lithium battery

Charging time: 4.5h

Weight: 1100g

Side Light

Rated power : 13W

Lumen: 190lm-1400lm

5 lighting modes: Low 190lm, Middle 350lm, High 650lm, Spot light 450lm, Full bright mode 1400lm / 750lm

Input/output: 5V/1A

Run time:1.5~6hrs

Battery: 3.7V 3600mAh lithium battery

Charging time: 6H

Weight: 440g

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