The end of the year is cold, waiting for the return of spring
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Suddenly time
In a flash, another year
old winter
In the cold wave that swept the earth
The last solar term of Xin Chou year
Great cold
one after another


Ruixue loves the country
ice water
Stepping through the snow in search of plums and winter scenery
Cooking snow around the fireplace and waiting for a good friend
May everyone walking on the road:
There is a “tent” to shelter from the wind and snow
There is a “stove” to warm wine
Ask for a glass of wine, and see the country with drunk eyes
Snow covered Tianshan
Looking at the snow
intoxicating fireworks
far from the world
whistling in the cold wind
wrapped in ardent care
In the past solar terms
Accompanying all the way
Spring, summer, autumn and winter, sunny, rainy, frosty and snowy
Amazed by “you”

Snow cloud turns into spring cloud cluster
Gradually feel old
Lamei Yingfeng Aoxue
bloom alone
wide in the mountains
A place of clarity of mind
staring at mountains and rivers
in this way

Mingsheng picks up the autumn wind, sets wine and flies winter snow
Time flies, it’s hard to stay
Although it is cold, it is extremely cold
But it has begun to show signs of ablation
Extreme things turn against each other, whether it is extremely Tailai
Spring is approaching after the great cold
All things dormant will usher in a new year
I wish the next reincarnation, the peach blossom of the human face will still be
Laughing at the green pine, Ling Shuang and Aoxue

May you:
Through the morning and evening, not stained by frost and snow
There is light in the eyes, happiness in the soul
Passionate about life

Post time: Mar-04-2022